Hello World

As a software developer the learning process for every programming language I’ve worked with began with the creation of the classic Hello World app. If you’re not familiar with the hello-world app, it’s a super simple program that outputs a textual “hello world” message and then terminates. Here’s an example hello-world program written in Java.
package helloworld;

public class HelloWorld {
  public static void main(String[] args) {
    System.out.println("hello world");
The value of this type program are numerous. First it introduces you to the minimal form of a working program in a specific programming language, e.g., Java. Even better it creates an initial point of success and serves as a step stone that you can extend and evolve with more complex features. But most important it gets you on the field to begin playing the game.
This is my hello-world post for my blog. Check back soon as my goal is to post updates each week on a range of subjects spanning my on-going career in software development, technology, entrepreneurship, and my personal improvement and adventure quests.

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