What I’m doing

March, ’18

  • Gradually ramping up my fitness efforts
    • Extended 5-6 mile walks in preparation to continue my Colorado Trail section hiking this summer. I’m planning to resume my hike starting in Breckenridge and continuing to Salida. This will cover sections 8 – 14 of the Colorado Trail. Previously I hiked from Denver to Breck, just at 105 miles. The hike to Salida will be about 150 miles taking me about 12 days.
    • I’m riding my bike regularly mostly indoors using a Whaoo power trainer and Zwift virtual cycling environment. I can’t say enough positive about Zwift for making indoor cycling actually fun and challenging.
  • My reading list continues to grow. I just started Principles: Life and Work by Ray Dalio.
  • I’m active in a Watermark Church Community Group with some pretty cool people.
  • Last but not least, at Genuitec I’m assisting with the development of CodeMix.