What I’m doing

Sept, ’20

  • Like many of you I’m hanging in there coping with life under the dark cloud of COVID-19 and social disharmony. So far both my family and I have been safe and sane. This has required discipline to stay fit, reach out to friends and family and avoid exposure to toxic media.
    Over the last couple of years I’ve been increasingly paying more attention to the nature, tone, positioning and non-verbal messaging produced by all of the major media sources. I’ve reluctantly come to the conclusion that much of the content they distribute is insulting, demeaning, generally toxic and poses a risk to our mental and emotional health. The objective of most major media sources is to feed us a continuous stream of outrageous exaggerations, misdirections and intentional omissions and even lies and falsehoods. All of this in order to create a sense of fear, outrage and anger and dispair among us and to addict us to more of this toxic brew. I once scoffed at the term “fake news” but no longer. I believe it is a real and present danger to our society.
  • I get out for errands and an occasional date with my wife. When I do I go-with-the- flow and wear a mask when around other people.
  • For my physical health I’ve been doing more 1 hour sessions at home where I spend 30 mins on a row machine followed by 30-ish mins riding my bike on a trainer with the Zwift app. And I still walk about 4-5 times a week. I just rejoined my gym and plan to start weight training again next week. Will see how that goes as the sore muscles during the early workout is something you have to work through.
  • My reading list is all over the place. Still working through “Skin in the Game” – not sure I’m going to finish it – and rereading “Predator – The Secret Origins of the Drone Revolution”. Predator has a number of useful take-aways one of which is a reminder of how successful endeavors will face and must over come friction from many sources that seek to impede and even kill good ideas and initiatives. On Audible I’m listening to “Ten Hours Until Down: The True Story of Heroism and Tragedy Aboard the Can Do”. This is a good detailed documentary of bravery at sea. I usually listen to audio books when walking or doing donkey-work around the house. 
  • Technically, I’ve been working with the rclnodejs, a ROS 2 JavaScript client sdk. The project is open-source on github. My main contributions this year have been helping add new project features such as a parameter and remapping api to be on par with the C and Python ROS2 client projects and to make the project attractive to TypeScript developers by adding *.tsd declaration files to the project. I occasionally assist with little bugs, clean up opportunities and user support. I recently acquired a Raspberry Pi 4 on which I’ve installed Linux Ubuntu 20.04 and am developing some basic ROS2 based H/W and S/W. Oh and I started a blog series by the ros2jsguy
  • Last but not least, at Genuitec I’m assisting with the development of CodeTogether, a system for remote pair and multiprogrammer collaborative coding. We use it internally across our dev team and It’s pretty cool.